Omnipolis is working towards enabling safety & emergency for employees in a company and for common people. It enable you to get the right response within minutes when the emergency is triggered with just a press of a button from the nearest emergency response teams. They have command centre for emergency management which is also integrated with the police control room and ambulance emergency service.  They also have physical device with a power back-up, can easily be installed in any industrial premise, Mini personal tracker for individuals and personal worker tracker which provides security personally and in workplace.

We helped Omnipolis team by building the Emergency Response Dashboard (ERD) is the application used by the Omnipolis Agents to respond to emergencies. The dashboard notifies the agent of any emergency that has been triggered by the mobile application. The dashboard provides the location of the emergency on a map, type of emergency, information about the clients and shows a time stamped series of events which have occurred. The agent is able to read and respond to messages sent by the emergency user or by anyone in the safety circle. After the emergency has been marked as cancelled/completed by the user, the agent can either resolve the emergency or can mark it as a false emergency while adding their comments on it for further information. The dashboard lets the agent filter the emergencies displayed based on the subscription of the user or the type of emergency triggered by the user.

The ERD is also designed to handle emergencies sent by Omnipolis devices. The dashboard notifies the agent whenever a device triggers an emergency. The location of the device along with the contact numbers are displayed for the agent. The agent is able to resolve or flag it as a false emergency depending on the situation.

The ERD is also used to handle client information for both devices and mobiles. The device client management screen lets the agent add or remove clients, add or remove devices from a client, change information regarding the device or the client, attach specific types of alerts for each device, add, remove or update emergency contact information registered to each device. The dashboard also enables the agent to conduct tests for each device to make sure the systems are working properly. The dashboard can also be used to retrieve a list of all the emergencies that have occurred. They can be filtered based on user and based on the type of emergency, it is also possible to export this data as an excel file.

We helped them building the mobile App for both Android and IOS which helps the user to trigger emergency and also watch me feature if they feel unsafe or in an emergency. The emergency can be medical or police related, We integrated complex map features to ensure the users safety while they feel unsafe with live camera features during emergency situations.

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