AWS Well-Architected
Framework Reviews

One review, one framework – Improved security, efficiency, performance, reliability, and cost optimization.

Well-Architected Framework

We understand the critical role that architecture plays in the success of your business. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a detailed analysis of your architecture, leveraging the AWS Well-Architected Framework to identify areas for improvement and deliver tailored recommendations.

Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and experience to optimize your systems, ensuring they align with industry best practices and standards. With our Well Architected Framework Review as a Service, you can unlock the full potential of your architecture and propel your business forward.

AWS Well-Architected
Framwork Pillars


Security is a crucial aspect of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is protected from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Operational excellence

Our team of seasoned professionals will meticulously analyze your existing workflows, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending efficient solutions.


Our experts help you build a highly available and fault-tolerant system architecture, ensuring your critical services remain up and running around the clock.

Performance efficiency

By leveraging our expertise, you can supercharge your applications, minimize latency, and provide a seamless user experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Cost optimization

The Key area of Well architected framework, helping organizations optimize their cloud infrastructure costs while maintaining performance and functionality.


With our expertise and dedication to your success, we ensure that your systems are built to withstand the challenges of today and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.

Benefits of the AWS Well-Architected
Framework Review

Get solutions to pressing issues and prioritized roadmap of remediation golas to provide immediate, quantifiable improvements for cost. security, reliability, operational excellence, and performance efficiency.

Have a broad discussion with your key business and IT Stakeholders on how modern infrastructure can giveyou and an advantage in hte marketplace – like better cutomer experince, faster idea-to-cash, scalability and more

The review helps identify areas where your architecture can be optimized for scalability and performance. – By regularly assessing and optimizing your architecture based on the framework’s principles.

Security is a critical aspect of the Well-Architected Framework review. The review evaluates your security controls, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to strengthen your defenses.

Schedule your AWS Well-Architected Framework Review Today


Promotes  a culture of continuous improvement.

Provides actionable recommendations to enhance operational excellence and ensures that your architecture aligns
with industry-leading practices, helping you unlock the full potential of your cloud environment.

  Get  $5,000 AWS credit voucher   * T&C apply *

How the Review Works

Set a date and time for the Review and select a priority worksheet

  • Assume two (2) hours for the Review, based on the amount of pre-work you complete.

Invite attendees to the Review

  • A cross-section of your internal stakeholders (think IT and business). Includes a member of your team who is involved in the design/provisioning of your infrastructure.
  • Hexon Global team, including an AWS-Certified solutions architect

Day of the Review

  • The Review can be performed remotely.
  • Perform deep-dive on a critical workload
  • Audit operations for compliance with the six AWS Well-Architected pillars.
  • Perform assessments via Q&A and automation.

Following the Review

  • Recommendation based on business implications of your workload desin decisions.
  • A prioritized roadmap of short-medium and long term goals based on the core framework.

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