Hexon Global’s Transformational Role in Mast Bazaar’s Evolution: A Case Study

Client: Mast Bazaar
Industry: Grocery / eCommerce
Services Provided by Hexon Global: Architecture Design, App Development, DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure Management
Hexon Global’s Impact: Savings of more than 30% on database storage cost and more than 50% on compute resources. Total cost savings of more than 30%.


Mast Bazaar, a Chennai-based startup, ventured into the eCommerce space with a mission to simplify shopping for groceries, particularly in the post-pandemic world. With an initial reach of about 10,000 households, Mast Bazaar aimed to expand its footprint across Chennai and other cities, addressing the increased demand for online grocery shopping.


To successfully scale and meet the rising consumer demand, Mast Bazaar faced several technology infrastructure challenges. These included ensuring scalable architecture, integrating advanced features like conversational AI and voice commerce, and providing support for transactions in native Indian languages.

The Hexon Global Solution

Hexon Global, as the primary technology partner and an advanced AWS consulting partner, provided a comprehensive solution that focused on:

1. Scalable Infrastructure: Built on the AWS cloud stack, ensuring scalable, reliable, and efficient infrastructure capable of supporting Mast Bazaar’s growth and high-volume transactions.
2. Advanced Technology Integration: Used Hasura.io for the backend, with front-end development on Flutter and Vue.js, to create an intuitive and responsive user interface.
3. Conversational AI and Voice Commerce: Future roadmap planning included leveraging conversational AI and voice commerce to facilitate transactions in native Indian languages, enhancing the customer experience and accessibility.
4. DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure Management: Implemented DevOps best practices and managed cloud infrastructure with kubernetes cluster management to ensure seamless deployment, operational efficiency, and scalability.


The collaboration between Mast Bazaar and Hexon Global resulted in:

  • Scalable and Efficient Platform: The AWS-based cloud infrastructure allowed Mast Bazaar to efficiently manage increased traffic and transaction volumes.
  • Future-Ready Platform: With the foundation laid for advanced features and expansion, Mast Bazaar is well-positioned to grow its market presence and serve a larger customer base.
  • Optimized Cost and Performance: Used reserved DB instances for over 30% savings in cost. Our stateless applications deployed in Kubernetes EKS with high availability leveraged multiple EC2 spot instances for compute, resulting in savings exceeding 50%.


The partnership between Mast Bazaar and Hexon Global showcases the power of strategic technology implementation in scaling an eCommerce platform and the utility of having an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner on board. Through innovative solutions like cloud infrastructure, conversational AI, and voice commerce, Mast Bazaar has been put on the path to make online grocery shopping more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. If you would like us to identify solutions for your business, Reach out to us.

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